hotroomcoldroom-stanYour equipment produces heated or cooled air, but comfort and efficiency are rarely achieved without balancing the air duct system. Balancing the system properly distributes the heated or cooled air to each room. Stan Broyles & Associates will evaluate your home and recommend solutions to maximize the airflow of your existing system and provide proper balancing to improve your comfort and efficiency year round.

Why My Company Exists. Hot rooms, cold rooms and cold basements are a major problem in Michigan.  Over the past thirteen years we have utilized and fine tuned a system of analysis and a methodology of resolving these issues and we do so without the addition of expensive new equipment. Many of my clients were told they needed:

  1. Additional capacity (a new or larger furnace or air conditioning system)
  2. A new higher efficiency furnace
  3. Additional heat source i.e. fireplace or similar unit
  4. Inline fans or room boosters
  5. Various other “new equipment” remedies

In the vast majority of cases this is not good advice.
While this advice does create a sale for the heating/cooling company, it does not identify the root cause of the problem and thus offers no valid solution.

Regardless of size, age or efficiency of the heating/cooling system, if inadequate amounts of heated/cooled air fail to reach the problem room, the hot/cold issue remains.

Further, if problem room is out of “sync” with the rest of the house unnecessary and excessive utility usage and costs continue.