Frequently Asked Questions

>> “What exactly do you do?”

I create an environment that allows your system to operate more efficiently, while “balancing” the air flow to equalize temperatures room to room and level to level.

>> “How much will this cost me?”

Since there are more than twenty characteristics of a typical heating/cooling system that affect your comfort it is impossible to diagnose the problem without an onsite examination. On occasion I have identified and solved the problem on the initial analysis visit at no cost to the homeowner.

>> “What does it cost for your analysis and estimate?”

There is no charge for the initial analysis, which usually takes one hour or less. At that time I will be aware of the visible and/or major causes of your problem. I will then provide you with a best effort estimate of the cost for resolution.

>> “Will there be costs above and beyond your estimate?”

That is a possibility. You will accompany me during the analysis and I will point out areas that need attention and will base the estimate on these findings. The cost to address these items will be firm. There is no charge for the initial analysis.

>> “Are there other factors that could be causing the hot room/cold room issue?”

Yes, factors such as wall, ceiling, and floor insulation are a consideration, as is the condition, tinting and insulating value of windows in the room. Occasionally, improper or undersized duct work is an issue. However, no amount of insulation or tinting will overcome an inadequate supply of heated or cooled air reaching the room to create the desired temperature. Air balancing solves the issue in the vast majority of cases.

>> “Do you provide year-round solutions, or are seasonal adjustments required?

I leave with you a “reminder list” for seasonal changes that require the homeowner to only make a few simple adjustments at the proper time. The balancing technique that I implement co-ordinates with and enhances features already built into your furnace to deliver year-round comfort.

>> “Does duct cleaning solve hot/cold room issues?”

While quality duct cleaning does improve breathing and air quality issues, I have not known it to solve the hot/cold room problem. This will be discussed as part of the free analysis and an appropriate recommendation made.