To whom it may concern:I contracted with Stan Broyles to do an air balance of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems of the Church of the Resurrection in Clarkston, Michigan.  The work was done promptly, on time and at the agreed upon price.  The building is noticeably more comfortable after the air handling systems were properly balanced by Mr. Broyles.  I would be happy to recommend Stan Broyles and company for any similar work.


Bart Clark                                                         ** Note: this church has five furnaces

Junior Warden
Church of the Resurrection

Clarkston, Michigan

Stan,I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how happy we are with our HVAC system. Since you came and balanced the system, we are much more comfortable in our home. In the summer our upstairs would usually be about 10-15 degrees warmer than the downstairs. We were miserable to say the least. Even if we turned the air down to 60 it would still not make the upstairs comfortable and our electric bill would kill us. Well since you balanced the system, our upstairs has not been more than 2 degrees different from the main floor. We sleep better and our electric bill is lower. We haven’t had the heat on yet, but I’m sure we’ll be just as happy when the time comes. I have told all our friends about your service and how happy we have been.

Thanks so much for making us more comfortable in our home.

Debbie L

Commerce, Michigan

We recently had our heating and air conditioning system balanced by Stan Broyles, and are very pleased with the results. We are noticing positive air flow in rooms that had previously been difficult to heat or cool prior to the balancing. In addition to excellent work, Stan was extremely informative about what needed to be done, what the costs would be, and what the time commitment would be for the entire job. He and his firm were extremely professional in all respects, and we would highly recommend him to our friends and neighbors.J. & P. Johnson

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Testimonial to the Work of Stan BroylesMr. Broyles conducted work on our heating and cooling system and successfully resolved heating and cooling imbalances in our home.  We have been quite satisfied with this work and now have equal temperatures on both levels of our home.  No longer is it warm on the top floor and cool on the bottom floor.

M. and S. Autio

Rochester, MI

I would like to thank you for improving the comfort of my home. I have always had a problem with my basement being too cold and upstairs being too hot.  By balancing the system and increasing the air flow I can walk throughout the house and feel the same temperature. Please feel free to use me as a reference to future clients.K. VanDette

Rochester, Michigan

We are very happy with the results of Stan’s work. The results are noticeable to me in a few different ways. First, I can feel the air coming out of the registers without having to bend down to the floor like I did before Stan’s work. Second my daughters bedroom (the one furthest from the furnace/air conditioner) is much more comfortable than before. Third my heat bills were lower last winter than previous years and I was heating my previously unheated 1100 square foot basement. Fourth, this summer we ran our fans only for a number of days letting the cooler air in our basement cool our house before the A/C kicked in. I have no doubt my bills are lower than they could have been in the warm summer we’re having this year. These results would not have been possible with the previous air flow configuration.Stan and his crew came in and did the job right the first time, they were in and out the same day and the results have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend his services and we have not had to call him out for any follow up service. If you have any other questions please contact me anytime.

Mike Cummings
10089 Longford Court
South Lyon, MI 48178

Hi Stan,Well its now a month since you completed the work of revamping the air delivery system in our home.  We now enjoy constant temperature, no matter in which room, we are in the house.  The upstairs in our colonial has never felt this good, wish I had known about you years ago.  Thanks again, you’ve done a great job.
Ray Kochanski
My husband was skeptical but we are very pleased with the results. There was an immediate improvement. Before Stan’s work, there was as much as 12 to 14 degrees difference between the bedrooms and the basement. Right away that was down to about 5 degrees. So far, we are seeing similar results for the summer weather. I think that unless I have separate units on each floor, there will always be a difference in temperature from top to bottom (we are in a colonial). However, Stan’s work made a great improvement.
Sara Kravitz
Dear Stan,We just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate the work you and your associate did at our home recently.  Given the age of our home (1951) and the ductwork that preceded modern air-conditioning, we really didn’t expect more than a modest improvement at best.  But you exceeded all our expectations!

We no longer have the ‘lake’ of cold air in the basement that required us to run a portable heater down there all summer (how silly was that?).  Also, the wall of heat that used to hit us as we climbed the stairs to the second floor has disappeared to the point where it is only slightly warmer than the first floor now.  Even on recent days when the temperatures were in the mid-90’s with super high humidity, we were still comfortable.  To top it off, we’ve been able to set the thermostat higher and achieve the same level of comfort while running the A/C less.  We fully expect to see savings on our next electric bill, and look forward to seeing similar improvements in our heating situation when winter rolls around.

Finally, we especially appreciate that you arrived promptly as scheduled, and cleaned up thoroughly before you left.  We’ve recommended your service to several friends and colleagues already.  Best of luck and we’ll think of you often as we enjoy our (now) comfortable home!

Best Regards,

The Breuers
Royal Oak

We’ve had air balance problems in our house for the last 14 years. The basement was very cold in the summer, and not enough cold air on the second level, especially in certain rooms. We tried to close some registers on the first floor, hoping to get more air upstairs. We also had a dehumidifier constantly running in the basement. We even considered installing a second air conditioner for the upstairs.

After our first meeting with Stan, he explained to us how the air in the basement was basically trapped and he showed us how he would install a couple of return air vents to recycle this cold air back to the upper level, where it was desperately needed. He also said there was enough cold air in the house, except it was wasted by poor duct work around the registers.

It’s been a full couple of hot weeks since Stan balanced the air in our house. We’re glad to say the house never felt as comfortable, throughout. We disconnected the basement dehumidifier; we opened all the registers on the first floor, and have good cold air flow upstairs. We even raised the thermostat settings by 2-3 degrees because the temperature is almost even in the whole house.

Great job Stan and thank you!  Our only regret is we didn’t do this 14 years ago!

Janice and Maurice

It has been almost a year since Stan Broyles air balanced the house.My house is now very comfortable in both winter and summer and my utility bills have dropped dramatically.

I would encourage anyone who plans to stay in their home for the long term to take advantage of Stan’s service.

It is an investment that not only pays off in dollars, but also in comfort.

Warm Regards, Paul Flancbaum