Things to Consider


If you are “uncomfortable” in your home, due to hot/cold rooms, you are paying a lot of extra money each month to remain uncomfortable.


What you pay each month to heat/cool your home is greatly increased when your system is leaky and/or not properly balanced. An out of balance system requires “chasing” with the thermostat. This is a futile attempt to heat/cool a room or area by raising/lowering the temperature setting at the thermostat. This almost always results in the super heating/cooling of multiple rooms while the problem area remains a problem area.


The motors and compressor that serve your heating/cooling system are made to run. Excessive heat and wear on these units is created by unnecessary, multiple start-ups. When a system is out of balance it cycles on and off an unnecessary number of times thereby shortening the life of the expensive elements of your system

Hot Rooms, Cold Rooms, and High Energy Bills:
What do they have in common?

Waste of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy and the Electric Power Research Institute determined …25% to 40% of the heating and cooling energy put out by heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems … is lost through the ductwork system.

Huge leakage problems

A US Department of Energy study found that the yearly energy waste, from leaky residential air ducts is equivalent to the energy required to power 13 million automobiles.

Why seal you system

Sealing the return air duct joints saves energy by drawing air from rooms, not from inside musty walls, attics or basements. Sealing them also keeps mold spores from being drawn into the duct system.

Comfort level

The Efficiency Rating of a Furnace speaks only to how completely the fuel is burned, before going up the chimney, and has absolutely no relationship to or effect on the distribution of air to your individual rooms.

Universal problem

Lack of attention to detail, and inferior workmanship, when the ductwork was installed, is the most common reason for, and source of, air duct leakage!

Why pay a premium to be UNCOMFORTABLE?
A Leaky and out-of-balance heating/cooling system manifests itself in four ways:

  1. Noticeable temperature difference between rooms and/or levels
  2. Unnecessarily and excessively high utility bills
  3. Poor air quality, causing a variety of breathing issues
  4. Shortened life of expensive heating/cooling equipment

When your heating/cooling system is properly sealed and balanced you benefit in every area.

  • Optimum Comfort
  • Slashed Utility Cost
  • Increased Equipment Life

Air Duct Leakage, Is it IMPORTANT?

Leaks in your supply duct system cause conditioned air (heated or cooled) to escape before reaching your rooms.
Leaks in your return ducts can pull mold, insulation fibers and dust into the air flow.

Air Quality

A recent scientific study found that 40 percent of children’s illnesses are caused by home environmental factors. Many forms of asthma and allergies can be associated to the same cause. The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor pollution is one of the country’s leading environmental health concerns.

Mold, spores, bacteria and some viruses can be eliminated (killed) by use of Ultra Violet Light. Proven products now exist that can treat all the air moving through your system and can be installed inside most ductwork.

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